Tour McGhee´s Health & Wellness Center | Health Center

Tour McGhee's Health & Wellness Center | Health Center

McGhee Health and Wellness Center incorporates state-of-the-art equipment accessible to people with all levels of ability, the wellness center is convenient and accessible.

Recovery from an illness or injury does not follow a set time frame and is different for every person, recovery is about regaining function and improving quality of life, the commitment to health and wellness is a lifelong practice for all of us.

McGhee Health and Wellness Center incorporates state-of-the-art equipment accessible to people with all levels of ability, the wellness center is conveniently located right off of i-95 and Philadelphia, and is easily accessible from the Philadelphia International Airport, New Jersey Delaware, and the Greater Philadelphia region, with close access to the many cultural activities and sports, social venues, the Wellness Center provides a safe supportive setting for you to continue your strengthening and aerobic conditioning, while your pets who continued health and wellness, a trainer experienced in working with people of all abilities will do an assessment and orientation to the fitness, equipment outlining a program that is specific to you.

McGhee health and wellness center is equipped with treadmills recumbent bikes and elliptical free weights and weight machines, the program offers access to specialty equipment, various standing frames allow people with weakness or paralysis to weight, bear through the legs, functional electrical stimulation or FES, uses the pulses to stimulate the nerves in order to contract muscles in a pattern, even if they are weak or paralyzed by neurological injury or disease.

McGhee Wellness Center has FES bikes and seat elliptical machines to provide a rigorous cardiovascular workout, the expo is a wearable Bionic suit, that allows people with weakness or paralysis in their legs to stand or walk over ground look, Ahmet is a robotic system that allows walking with bodyweight support over a treadmill, gaining ground is an intensive training program for those looking for a more structured personalized regimen, to elevate their function to the next level, this program is four hours a day and runs three days a week for four to six weeks, each day includes a one-on-one session with a physical therapist, and individual session with an exercise technician and a group session use the specialized equipment, such as the locum app or EXO is closely monitored and progressed, gaining ground was really really good for me, I had a fall and I lost a lot of what I gained, I ended up being able to stand again which I couldn't.

It's just always ROI and fantastic, when I have to the gaining grounds, I got at in bed by myself, and dressed myself pink, got up in the morning and dressed myself would you which I needed someone else to do prior to this, so it was around 2:40 and slowly things started in half, and that world did 300 for a little bit, and I went to the 200, the bigger bike and it helped, because he gave me an upper body workout as well, I didn't have to spend as much time when I was only 200, I brought with two to three sessions, this bike I didn't do 45 minutes to an hour, drill is typical, it's a wonderful day and get right off, and do something else, so sexy, is the time saver as well, and a better workout every day, mind and body wellness is essential for healing and well-being.

McGhee offers services to promote stress and anxiety reduction, these additional services include art therapy adopted, yoga and Zumba classes, nutrition classes, shiatsu massage support groups, McGhee Health and Wellness Center fees are not covered by insurance, as it is considered maintenance, we welcome people of all abilitiesd to the McGhee health and wellness center, come see for yourself, what sets McGhee, apart from other facilities, believe in a way back, schedule a tour today for additional information about our programming police call.

The Recreation & Wellness Center

The Recreation & Wellness Center

I'm a junior here at Old Dominion, this fitness and wellness center, we got a lot of stuff to offer. Let's take a look around. It provides different kinds of classes.

Student Health & Wellness Center Virtual Tour

Student Health & Wellness Center Virtual Tour

This is the virtual tour of the services provided by the student health and wellness center. The Student Health and Wellness Center has 11 medical providers on staff to see patients regularly.