Student Health & Wellness Center Virtual Tour

Welcome to the virtual tour of the services provided by the student health and wellness center. It should be noted that there are patient parking spaces in lot 5, just east of the chestnut hill.

Now we're in the waiting room on the second floor to set up an appointment, you can call go online or stop by in person. When you make an appointment you have several services available to you. The Student Health and Wellness Center has 11 medical providers on staff to see patients regularly to begin.


We offer gynecological services

We have primary care services, students can consult with a doctor at no charge for coughs coves injuries follow-ups on chronic conditions and other routine medical issues. Next, we offer gynecological services, including pap smears, STD testing as well as diagnose and treat other conditions.

Patients can also schedule a birth control consultation to discuss the wide variety of options available, we also have a dietitian that students can consult with about various issues, including recommendations for weight loss or weight gain, specific dietary plans, and other nutrition-based needs.

Students involved with the performing arts may suffer from specific issues related to those activities and may see physicians dedicated to treating these issues and preventing them in the future.

Travel advise and preparation of having a great trip

If you are planning to travel abroad you can consult with our providers to learn about any specific recommendations, vaccinations, medications, or other travel advice, and preparation of having a great trip. The nurse treatments that we offer include allergy injections, breathing treatments, IV therapy, and vaccinations.

Most of our tests are performed on-site which allows for fast and convenient results, lab tests can be ordered by the student health or wellness center medical staff or from outside providers with walk-in STD testing. Students can get testing throughout the year without an appointment. We also provide basic diagnostic x-rays with orders from one of our providers or an outside provider.


Metal Center for Health Resources

Finally, on our third floor, we had the metal Center for Health Resources. The center offers massages by licensed massage therapists for a discounted rate, health education programming is offered throughout each semester on topics, like fitness nutrition and stress management. We also offer free sexual health education and free safer sex kits each week to enrolled students in the condom club program.

Free HIV testing

Last but not least, we provide free HIV testing through the mean green screen on the first floor of chess at Hall. Students can pick up medications from our pharmacy, students can fill new prescriptions or gear refills of existing medications, and even buy over-the-counter medicine and hygiene products, across from the pharmacy is the College Optical Express.

They offer discounted rates to students for eye exams, contacts, and glasses. The UNT dental office is located on the corner of Avenue D in Chester Street, they provide dental cleanings and exams extractions, teeth whitening, and other routine dental services, optical and dental services are not covered by student fees, but they can be filed too many insurance plans. The fruits stop by for any of your health and wellness needs.

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Student Health & Wellness Center Virtual Tour

Student Health & Wellness Center Virtual Tour

This is the virtual tour of the services provided by the student health and wellness center. The Student Health and Wellness Center has 11 medical providers on staff to see patients regularly.