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By Admin Gavin | July 09, 2018

Southeast Health and Wellness Center Opening | Health Center

Southeast Health and Wellness Center has made a very concrete step along the mission of a greater realization of the mission of central health.

About three years ago, a vision was laid out for ten goals in 10 years to help Austin and Travis County become a model healthy community, and among those goals, we had some things like a medical school, and a modern 21st century teaching hospital, and better behavioral health, but a key one was to have uniquely Austin clinics. Clinics that would be out in our community and in our neighborhoods there to help keep people well, this is fulfilling the promise.

This southeast Travis County clinic as large as it is, as beautiful as it is, the number of people is going to serve is keeping that promise, and so it's a very exciting day, I think any person regardless of their income, regardless of their neighborhood, would be proud to walk through that door and come in and get a full range of services in this very beautiful facility.

We just need to keep spreading the word that these services are available and open those opportunities, so that some families that are just struggling to get by working multiple jobs in to keep bread on the table, remember to get their kids the vaccinations and the well-child checks, and all the things that are available here to prevent problems before they occur and get them signed up, so that they have access to a family physician Southeast health and wellness, possess a wonderful opportunity to bring the very best in delivery system models right here in Southeast Travis County.

Today is this a big celebration for the community, and also the partnership that we have created with central health, the board and all the political partners, today is a reality of all that work coming together as one people, one group, for a common goal to improve the quality of life in health care for Southeast Travis County, central health is really charged with the responsibility for the provision of care to the underserved in Travis County, and so we have a strategy of improving health increasing access to health, and working with other partners to really be able to do more than what was happening previously before we were created.

Today's event has been an outstanding event, it's been so exciting to see so many patients community members, all the partners who worked with central health, and it's so exciting to get to see this place full today with people who are going to be able to enjoy it right here, in their community for years to come, communicate has over 30 clinics in Austin in Travis County, but the southeast location provides a hub, it provides a place for simply for families to be able to provide a one-stop location for services, so central health with our vision community care as the main medical provider, I believe we have an opportunity, this is our by far our largest facility, and represents the new model of care, that we're striving to provide for our community.

I'm so pleased the place is packed, it's just been so exciting thing, it's so heartwarming to know that people are so invested in this, the same way that we are so far today, this is definitely a significant occasion and this is very joyous, I was pretty happy because it's a very concrete step along the mission of a greater realization of the mission of central health, which is to improve the care that's being delivered to the community.