Sneak Peek of the Fitness Center at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center

Building here is so bright and colorful and there are windows on every angle, there are windows in the stairwell, the views have been designed to see Denver, to see the mountains, to see the golf course, and I know that we're coming today to remove it, and so are everybody campuses, either side right here.


The dichroic glass can change colors

We're going to have a selectorized machine for upper body and lower body strength, we're going to have our main, our treadmills ellipticals, our very recumbent bikes as well as upright bikes for you to use the cardio area.

One of the things I think is awesome is the dichroic glass, as you continue around the track it changes colors, and you can see it from outside of the building, you're going around lobby you can see it, and depending on the angle it changes colors.

I think it's something that makes this area of this facade unique, the research, and sports, and science medicine, and weight management programs that will all be in the same building. They'll all be able to collaborate amongst each other green roof, where we will have fresh produce.

It makes this so different

You'll also be able to come out here, there will be space to sit to read relax, and you can also run this space for events.


It makes this so different is just the fact that we want to tailor everybody's experience here to whatever their goals are and help motivate them and help educate them and make them leaving here in a better mood.

All the members saw the prospective member's everybody who keeps calling a team line is it opening, why is it opening? And we can't wait.

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CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center:

The Recreation & Wellness Center

The Recreation & Wellness Center

I'm a junior here at Old Dominion, this fitness and wellness center, we got a lot of stuff to offer. Let's take a look around. It provides different kinds of classes.

Student Health & Wellness Center Virtual Tour

Student Health & Wellness Center Virtual Tour

This is the virtual tour of the services provided by the student health and wellness center. The Student Health and Wellness Center has 11 medical providers on staff to see patients regularly.